7 - 9 May 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Brochure - World Stadium Congress 2018

World Stadium Congress will find its new home at the Amsterdam in Netherlands, once again gathering leaders in sport infrastructure, tournament delivery and recreational facilities from across the globe to debate the future of stadium and arena design and development.

Taking advantage of the new location, the event will further embrace themes such as design, sustainability, legacy, fan experience and innovation and will showcase some of the latest and greatest stadium and arena projects from around the world. From retrofit to new build projects, from fan experience to tournament delivery – only World Stadium Congress covers it all.

Download the agenda now to find out what's planned for the event. 


Show Reel: World Stadium Congress 2017

The 2017 edition of the World Stadium Congress hosted attendees from over 20 countries with representation from clubs to stadium operators to architects, consultants and solution providers. Take a look at what some of our attendees had to say and why WSC stands to be an event without borders for the global stadia community.

Exclusive Report

Project report: Global new build and retrofit stadia projects update

With at least €3.3 billion in new build and retrofit stadia being constructed across Europe alone, 2018 is already proving to be a pivotal year for the construction of advanced stadiums.

To help you find out more about the upcoming stadia projects and opportunities for your business ahead of these developments, we've put together a report on ‘Global new build and retrofit stadia projects’ that are changing stadium design and fan experience.

Download your copy of the report now.

Global round-up of major stadium projects under construction

2017 is already proving to be a pivotal year for the construction of advanced stadiums around the world as leading nations rapidly increase their investment in sporting infrastructure. Download our global stadium project roundup to understand the key design and development trends being utilised in the widening range of stadium constructions, including the use of modular seating capacity, advanced temperature controls and various sustainability-focused technologies.


Next-gen stadiums: What it takes to deliver tournaments of the future

As stadium operators compete with home entertainment and spectator options, they are required to invest more heavily in creating an unforgettable fan experience which cannot be replicated at home. Download our report into the areas of emerging technologies that will revolutionise the way next-generation stadia will look and feel, including: stadium connectivity and fan-focused applications, automatic ticketing, seating innovations, modular infrastructure, advanced security solutions, HVAC technologies and pitch maintenance solutions.

Maintaining legacy: 3 stadiums that were left in the dust with no legacy plan

Failed legacy programmes can lead to rampant operational losses, ongoing city debt and inefficiencies of adhoc facility usage for the host country. Download this exclusive whitepaper on 'Maintaining Legacy' which highlights some of the most renowned stadiums in the world that were left deserted and the key reasons behind their failure.


Evolution of a Fan

In the age of modern broadcasting technology where the fan can access the game anywhere and anytime he wants - how can you ensure that you get the fan off the couch and in your venue?

Download this infographic now on the 'Evolution of a fan' and find out how the fan has changed in the last 20 years and how they will evolve in the next 10 years - so that your venue delivers the ultimate experience and engages the next-generation fan.

Additional Event Information

World Stadium Congress in Pictures

Year-on-year, the World Stadium Congress has been hosting the very best in sport infrastructure from across the globe to debate the future of stadium and arena design and development. To highlight what makes World Stadium Congress the biggest gathering for the stadia industry, we put together a pictorial report of the event.

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Nomination Form - World Stadium Congress Awards

Do you think you’ve designed the most innovative stadium or arena in the past year? Or perhaps you claim you’ve come up with the most advanced stadium solution or service, helping venues modernise their operations? Or maybe you’ve worked on a sports infrastructure project that would suggest you’re the stadium PMC of the year? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then submit your nominations today for the World Stadium Congress Awards and get recognised in front of industry stakeholders for your contribution.

Download the nomination form now to submit your entries. 


5 Elements of a Modern Stadium - Chris Dite, Associate Director, Arup

Download this interview with Chris Dite, Associate Director – Sport Venue Design and Major Events for Arup, and gain insights into the ‘5 Elements of a Modern Stadium’ and his perspective on the key challenges, focuses and leading technologies that are shaping the design and creation of a modern stadium.


Agenda at-a-glance

Download the agenda at-a-glance now and get a quick glimpse into the topics and sessions to be covered during the event to find out what’s in store for you.