February 01, 2019 | Johan Cruijff ArenA, 1100 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Collette Roche

Chief Operating Officer
Manchester United Football Club

9:20 AM STADIA LEADERS EXCHANGE: What Is The Ideal Stadium Of The Future?

Stadiums are no more just a sporting venue but a multi purpose facility catering to numerous activities and stakeholders. They are an essential part of the community and city too. Creating futuristic, sustainable and multi-purpose facilities have become the new trend for stadium and club owners.

  • The future of stadium design, technology, infrastructure and experience
  • Converting non-sporting fans to customers of the future and creating a loyal and engaged fanbase
  • How technology and trends will impact commerciality, partnerships and broadcast
  • Creating sustainable, efficient and commercial strategies for current and future stadiums

9:20 AM FUTURISTIC OUTLOOK: What’s Next For The World Of Stadiums?

  • Stadiums for legacy: Ensuring continuity, engagement and revenue across the calendar year
  • Stadiums for more than sports: What else can stadiums offer for non-sporting activities and communities around the stadium?
  • Using stadiums for Esports, concerts, boxing tournaments and more to drive revenue yearlong.

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